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January 13, 2020


December 2, 2018

be kind rewind

March 12, 2018

sister’s trinkets

April 7, 2017


December 31, 2016


August 17, 2016

cannot wait to finally see what Bothans look like

deep breath

August 16, 2016

and the international trailer


May 30, 2015



November 29, 2014

and now my reactions….

Ive seen the trailer upwards of 100 times now and i’m pretty happy with where this is and what JJ has done so far… that being said I am equally concerned, and will be until mid December 2015..

but quickly

Those Storm Troopers are magnificent, that lid is a great evolution of the iconic helmet. Will be interesting to see how they are used, the opening character apparently waking up in armour is interesting…

Ralph McQuarrie(esque) X Wing Fighters flying low and under the radar was good…. they look sweet…

The unknown Sith Lord got me excited and then his crude light sabre powered up and wow, thats next level – will be interesting to see the sabre hilt used like a traditional broad sword…

But the big moment for me was the Falcon. holy shit. that scene on its own made the trailer for me. I could quite happily watch that for hours.

I think the fact that so much is familiar is a great thing, evolutions of what we know and love is good and at least makes it feel familiar….

bring on the next one

High score

November 21, 2014