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every word you said

January 5, 2018


proximity alert

December 20, 2017

So I have seen it. a few times, well more than a few times.
I like it now. I love it now. but at times i hated it.

It feels like hating on star wars is a cool thing to do right now and a lot of people are jumping on that bandwagon without any real reasons for the hatred which is hard to argue with…. There are issues, but there were issues with Star Wars, with Empire etc etc but we have put those on pedestals and worship them and cannot find faults with the original trilogy.

is it Star Wars. fuck yes it is. was it old Star Wars, no…. but the fans complained that TFA was too much like Star Wars and hated that, now they hate this…

some good points online:

and this sums it up nicely.

In Rian we Trust.

finish what you started

December 13, 2017

tonight. 1900.

review once i have processed.

cant repel fire power

December 13, 2017


November 27, 2017

so much swoon for daisy.


November 2, 2017


October 12, 2017

show me my place

October 10, 2017

holy shit.

and best reaction video to hellogreedp

what we do

October 3, 2017


September 28, 2017