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do a fixie

May 17, 2013

Melburn to Roobaix

June 23, 2011

Still to this day last year’s Melburn to Roobaix was the most fun on two wheels I have ever had!
So looking forward to this weekends 2011 event!

How much fun cycling stuff is coming up! and it isn’t even Summer!

Got Found

February 14, 2011

saw the trailer for this a while ago but the full edit has now been released… ooo ahhh pretty!

BFF Its Wrap

December 13, 2010

Nice edit from Skeleton Key to show off how good the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival was this year!
Bring on 2011!!!

Tom Lamarche goes hard

October 5, 2010

This kid is damn talented until the last 15 seconds when shit hits the fans… watch and learn!


September 3, 2010

Keo (yes of keo spin fame) began the whole 700cmx or tricking on a fixed gear, despite what you think about that he still has talent. I still would like to see him rip shit up on a BMX and see what he is capable of.

Fat Bald Men invade the Land of Oz

August 12, 2010

via Prolly / the Come Up (and now back online)

20+ minute edit documenting the 2009 trip down under by the crazy kids at FBM.
I really need to start riding my BMX more.

The story of FBM premiered at last years Bicycle Film Festival showing how a few kids turned a few custom tees into the BMX company they are today; i enjoyed their honesty when it came to creating a fixed gear bike. Basically riding a BMX long distances sucked so they just made a fixed frame… I still want a sword…

Do a Backflip

May 24, 2010

Okay, I will…

There you have it a fixed gear backflip. Kozo out of Japan busting out a backflip at the Shiokaze 2010 Trick Contest

Fukuoka Fixed Gear

May 19, 2010

Fixed Riders doing their thing in Japan…. Man I want to go back there and ride!

King of the Mountain Grudge Match

May 6, 2010

So Matt Mead and I have developed a sort of rivalry on the bike and Jarod decided we needed to race…

Grdude Match!

So come for a nice relaxing road ride on the 16th and watch us punish ourselves!