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if you’re wookiee

December 19, 2015

the force awakens

December 19, 2015

so spoiler free review.

it was good.

very good.

go see it.


I have seen it 5 times so far and its still getting better, it’s not perfect but is still a great movie and an epic ride. So many emotions are played with during the 2 hours and 16 minutes; now I know what it feels like to see a new Star Wars Film in the Theatres… properly.
It has its disappointments but they are minor and not a big deal so meh, but the new characters are all amazing and the old ones just melt you heart and make you feel like a kid again…

JJ, we trusted you. And you didn’t let us down at all…

stop reading, go see it…

mexican potato

December 19, 2015


okay Return of the Jedi is even better