eighty eight


Now, I will be the first to admit i got a little too excited when the Phantom Menace released so many years ago and was so bitterly disappointed by the results. So this time I am trying to avoid as much as humanly possible, but given the internet’s galaxy wide reach that is proving much harder / nay impossible to do.

I have managed to avoid a lot, but reading the synopsis of a rumoured those few words got my hairs standing on end and the chills instantly, it took me back to seeing Star Wars for the first time… X-Wings, The Millennium Falcon, and Storm Troopers has got me excited again….

Please let this release in Australia.

ignore what i said, ’cause this doesn’t really count…. but I read this http://geektyrant.com/news/plot-revealed-for-gareth-edwards-star-wars-spin-off-movie and holy shit that sounds awesome… more Boba Fett is welcomed…


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