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da plane da plane

November 24, 2011

Having only recently enjoyed the Cars series this has promise! and means cool lego model jets! ultimate build F18s yo.

nerdy paper crafts

November 21, 2011

I want a 7″ tall paper craft Gundam …

emotionally inept storm troopers

November 18, 2011


carbon fibre awesome

November 17, 2011


Carbon fibre + nerds = awesome

Linkage here


November 17, 2011 (over on the right there) is nominated for best original blog design!
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thats no moon

November 16, 2011

oooh baby i like it raw

November 16, 2011

another sick edit from john young

new best nachos

November 3, 2011

20111103-201456.jpg get on that shit. Proper American tasting hotdogs and nachos bringing back all sorts of memories from growing up in California…

Holy shit it’s good….