Series V High Res


Series V

Thanks to Brothers Brick we have a high resolution shot of the Series V mini figs.

Boxer looks pretty sick in bigger form, and that monkey is pretty sweet.
Double ups required will be Gangster, Godzilla Suit, Boxer, Dwarf and Queen’s Guard.
Lots of special hats, head gear and accessories to easily ID most of them which should make life easier…


2 Responses to “Series V High Res”

  1. TOU93 Says:

    Where did you find the barcode info so you don’t get doubles?

    • evilz Says:

      First two sets (blue and yellow) had a second barcode – I used a barcode scanner on the blackberry to scan them and made a small database of the codes and bought what I needed.

      Third and Forth(orange and green) have small dots on the bottom that are very hard to see but ID them as well with a code you find online;

      I have cheated and used ebay to buy the complete series but have used the dots and feeling them out to work out what it is.

      Series Four has a few that are easily id’d but with a lot of hair those get screwy.

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