its the small things.


First original content post ever.

Someone volunteered me to ride in the Mont 24 hour race down at Kowen Forest and I’ve just finished my first race pace lap.

Given poor preparation and a raft of last minute excuses (injuries) I didn’t expect a whole lot but managed a lap to just under 90 minutes which was good for me…

Now on to the title, currently in daylight its a 5 minute walk to stinky portaloos…. I’m looking forward to the darkness so instead of the walk I can just jump out of my car and pee in someone elses campsite… Win…

Given this was posted in the middle of the night not right after the first lap I’ve fixed some of the spelling…

I ended up completing four laps become our team called it quits 3/4 through my forth due to torrent downpour that didn’t look to end. My times stretched out each lap ending with just under 2 hours in a wet lap… My health during the event wasn’t good; my asthma plays up with dust, fields and extremes in temperature all of which were encountered during the Mont so I couldn’t breath too well so am overall pleased with my results…

Will I do it again – perhaps, given proper training and prep I’d love to be able to match my team mates or just help out managing the boys!


3 Responses to “its the small things.”

  1. Jarod Says:

    Dude. You did freaking awesome for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 75kms in 36 odd hours of riding is epic.

    Don’t you dare sell the Anthem. I see more mountain biking in your short term future.

    • evilz Says:

      Haha anthem isn’t for sale, she excelled in her duties and performed amazingly…

      Will see how I’m doing next year but would like to do again!

  2. Felix Alim Says:

    You are the man! Thanks for the lift 🙂

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