could be a good thing


Despite working in IT as a professional nerd I am a late adopter of technology, it took me 3 years to get DVDS, at least 3 generations of iPods and don’t own a Blu Ray player, yet….
this could change that.

I predict I will own one come September, maybe.

Now George, (we are on first name basis now, no more mr. Lucas) don’t go and use this as an excuse to change the movies again, don’t add more previously cut scenes, (they were generally cut on purpose) don’t change the endings again, dont add more Gungans, please don’t add more Gungans… please. Please don’t ruin my childhood further, the movie was superb the way it was, kids of the day will enjoy it, they don’t need CG for CG sake. Now don’t get me started on yoru wanting to remake it in 3D, don’t do that either.
Now the rumourd 30+ hours of extra footage will be a good thing; one can never have enough outakes or documentaries on the film making process, add all the extra content you want. It would also be nice to have the original edits remastered again and made blu ray worthy but I can’t see that happening either… Avatar came out with 3 cuts of the film so its not that hard to do…

Go to Red Letter Media and watch the 60+ minute (each) reviews of Star Wars Episodes I-III to see some informative and inciteful takes on the new trilogy. Definitely worth the hours of viewing pleasure if you are on the fence in regards to the newer movies, although kinda weird and creepy at times the guy has definitely put a lot of time and effort into laying into George’s latest money making ventures, yes money making ventures, not movies…


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