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Star Wars Ganster Rap

January 31, 2011

Not sure you can get much more win, besides remixing it into Lego…

From Steel

January 28, 2011

mad little movie showing the beauty that is building a bike…

Hip Hop Beat Box

January 26, 2011

History of hip hop in beat box format… amazing.

Hardcore Parkour

January 23, 2011

1930s parkour legend, just totally psyched on life at the end.

Bike Riders need Drugs…

January 22, 2011

Interesting take on Lance Armstrong and his alleged drug taking…
Real talk… “Americans take drugs!”

Star Wars invades Legoland

January 22, 2011

Excitement is brewing as the first Lego Star Wars models arrive in at Legoland California Resort in LA. Opening in March 2011 the new area of Legoland is dedicated to Star Wars showcasing some amazing Lego models build by the master builders of Lego…

I am to say a little excited and cannot wait to head back to the USA in May/June and witness this amazingness for myself…

I fight for the users

January 11, 2011

I finally had the chance to see Tron Legacy the other week in all its 3D goodness (well the parts that were 3D) and loved it, was definitley nworth the wait and all the effort that went into the production.

Having listened to the Daft Punk soundtrack for weeks leading up to the actual movie release I was definitely ready for the Tron: Legacy and it didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t overly 3D and didn’t really use 3D for 3D sake which was a bonus, at times it was subtle in fact and left me removing my glasses to see if it was in 3D or not… This I think worked really well, the sound track really aided the eb and flow of the whole movie and worked so so well, big ups to Daft Punk; i liked their cameo in the bar scene.

Now the story wasn’t the most indepth in the universe and seemed confusing at times but it worked and left off from the original well but yet still managed to be new enought that you could get away with not watching it and it will work well as a franchise if Disney does in fact decide to make more.

The acting wasn’t Oscar worthy, but that wasexpected given they were inside a computer; Geoff Bridges reprised his role of Flynn nicely and using state of the art graphical magic Clu looked just like a 1980s Geoff Bridges. well done on that. 13 from House, or Olivia Wilde as we should know where was barely recognisable out of her scrubs and Dr’s coat and with her short bob hair cut and did a good job playing another computer program that…. (hey don’t want to spoil it)

So if you are a nerd or just like space adventures or insane special effects go see Tron: Legacy; its worth it just for Olivia Wilde…

could be a good thing

January 11, 2011

Despite working in IT as a professional nerd I am a late adopter of technology, it took me 3 years to get DVDS, at least 3 generations of iPods and don’t own a Blu Ray player, yet….
this could change that.

I predict I will own one come September, maybe.

Now George, (we are on first name basis now, no more mr. Lucas) don’t go and use this as an excuse to change the movies again, don’t add more previously cut scenes, (they were generally cut on purpose) don’t change the endings again, dont add more Gungans, please don’t add more Gungans… please. Please don’t ruin my childhood further, the movie was superb the way it was, kids of the day will enjoy it, they don’t need CG for CG sake. Now don’t get me started on yoru wanting to remake it in 3D, don’t do that either.
Now the rumourd 30+ hours of extra footage will be a good thing; one can never have enough outakes or documentaries on the film making process, add all the extra content you want. It would also be nice to have the original edits remastered again and made blu ray worthy but I can’t see that happening either… Avatar came out with 3 cuts of the film so its not that hard to do…

Go to Red Letter Media and watch the 60+ minute (each) reviews of Star Wars Episodes I-III to see some informative and inciteful takes on the new trilogy. Definitely worth the hours of viewing pleasure if you are on the fence in regards to the newer movies, although kinda weird and creepy at times the guy has definitely put a lot of time and effort into laying into George’s latest money making ventures, yes money making ventures, not movies…


January 11, 2011

So its twentyeleven.

Might be time to start blogging properly.

Maybe some original content?


You see the problem is i’m not nearly intelectual enough to write anything useful that people would want to read; nor am i really all that interesting to warrant a photo of the day sorta dealie, I said it wouldn’t be a food blog so am left to wonder what this blog is actually for?

I know I get frustrated by blogs I read not getting updated but they are always funny, well written and interesting so are worth reading….

will have a think…