Lego Crack.


So today I discovered Lego Crack…
Lego Mini Figs.

Casually shopping for Lego this morning like every 30 year old does I found that Lego Mini Figs were available in Aus which had me suddenly in line buying four and ripping them open in search of a Spartan.
Ripping them open at a table, i discovered No Spartan but got the Mexican so it was cool, until i googled.
Suddenly I had the barcode system, a way of identifying the minifigs I needed; this lead to me standing at the counter another 2 times feeling up sealed packets of Lego figures checking barcodes.

So 11 mini figs later I still don’t have a Spartan but do have 2 Ring masters, 2 Mexicans and 2 Weight Lifters.

I found this video discussing the disease that is Lego Mini Figs from this year’s brick con…

So if you have any spare minifigs let me know šŸ˜€


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