Im going going back to back to Wollongong


No, it doesn’t have the same ring as Biggie’s Back to Cali, but who cares!
On Sunday I am back on the bike headed down to Wollongong for the Annual MS Sydney to the Gong Ride! and need your help to raise valuable funds for reasearch!

Did you know?
* Multiple Sclerosis is a disease affecting more young Australians than any other neurological condition
* The average age of diagnosis of MS is just 30 years
* MS affects three times as many women as men

MS Australia aims to minimise the impact of multiple sclerosis on all individuals affected by the disease, as well as their families, carers and the community, by offering a wide range of services, equipment and support. MS Australia’s goal is to assist everyone affected by MS to live life to their fullest potential and secure the care and support they need, until we ultimately find a cure.

Please help me the cause and sponsor me by clicking here


One Response to “Im going going back to back to Wollongong”

  1. evilz Says:

    So I did it.
    Took a little longer than last year but given I had a very swollen knee after getting hit by a van the week before I was pretty pleased.

    I ended up raising $750 which is a pretty good effort, brings my three year total to a little over $3500 which is awesome (i think)

    thanks to everyone who offered their support either emotionally or financially.

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