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I am not sure what this is?

April 30, 2010

Just found this on Zlog Blog and I can’t figure out if its a back flip jump or a bunny hop!
You decide.


Aloha Fixed

April 29, 2010

So many nice edits getting posted with rad riders getting their fix on in nice places. This time Tanner Monmaney takes on Hawaii!
I definitely want to head back to Hawaii and take the bike!

Holy shit what a weekend coming!

April 27, 2010

So I thought last weekend was pretty crazy but this weekend is going to be all that and much much MORE!

First Up Sable and Argent hosts the release of Revival the fixed DVD on Thursday evening at 1900 which from the trailer looks pretty damned good!

The Revival

Move forward 24 hours or so to Friday and the fine folk at Hell on Wheels are dropping the latest Animal DVD, Cuts at 1830…

Animal Cuts

Then as I blogged earlier Deus ex Machina , 2020 Magazine and Hell on Wheels brings you the Vintage BMX Swap meet from 12pm on Saturday! Now if a carpark full of crazy old vintage bmx stuff wasn’t enough to get you excited then Tom and the boys resurrected this:

Ramp of Death!

Now as a wise man once said:

“I wouldn’t miss this show for anything. I am as excited as a very excited person who’s got a special reason to be
excited, sir. ”

(updated to the proper flyer)

Gorilla in France

April 27, 2010

Nice little edit of a Frechie riding around France all fancy schmacy on a Gorilla frame, I am definitely taking a liking to the more trick orientated frames!

Macaframa vs New York

April 26, 2010

After rewatching Macaframa i am definitely looking forward to their followup release! This quick edit looks promising!

Hell on Wheels Five Dock Jam

April 24, 2010

The official video of the Hell on Wheels Five Dock Jam has been released and its a doozie…
bigups to John Young of Steadfast for the amazing work!

Red Bull Mini Drome

April 20, 2010

Here is the official video! How good does that look!

Mugen R

April 16, 2010

Another Do Want for the week…

The Honda Civic Type R Mugen…

Minivan Highway

April 14, 2010

So much awesome in one clip!

Star Wars Uncut The Escape

April 14, 2010

So imagine you broke Star Wars into 15 second chucks, then imagine you listed these chunks online and asked people to redo them as they saw fit! Once this was done you collated all the 15 second fan made clips and created a new version of Star Wars Episode I A New Hope. This could be hilarious!

Click Here for more information!