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Melburn Roobaix

March 31, 2010


The 2010 edition of the Fyxomatosis Mulburn Roobaix is scheduled for the 30th May 2010, this year entry is capped to 399 people and according to their pretty graph just over 250 people have registered since registrations opened yesterday. I really wanted to do this ride last year but was busy so have already registered , from all accounts its a great event!

click here to register!

Odd, to say the least

March 26, 2010

Watch it if you want to see something fucking odd, but somehow awesome none the less…

Star Trak

March 26, 2010

Get your inner nerd on for the next alleycat run by the girls at

Hell on Wheels End of Daylighy Savings Jam

March 24, 2010

Hell On Wheels End of Daylight Savings

Its time to mourn the end of daylight savings and with it the chance to ride after work or school! That’s right winter is almost here and what better way to celebrate than by heading to Five Dock Skate Park on the 3rd of April at 2pm to shred the shit out the park one last time!

There will be a BBQ ,loads of prizes and giveaways and not to mention another installment of the deathbowl extravaganza!
Stay tuned at Hell on Wheels or the facebook page for more details soon

Dummycat Dos: Mexicat Run and Won

March 22, 2010

So, Tom won again… well he tied for first with Brad after Carlin crossed the line in just under 30 minutes but didn’t pick anything up on the way so was d’qed…

With over 40 people attending the ride the event was a great success! I have heard nothing but good things which is amazing, considering this was only our second attempt at running such an event.
We had fixed, singlespeed, roadies, bmxs, brakeless bmxs, XC mtb, DJ mtb and DH mtb so we had the gummet of cycling devices covered!

HUGE MASSIVE BIG UPS EPROPS THANKYOUS! to Crumpler and Hell on Wheels for donating some awesome prizes! and I need to give thanks to those that assisted with checkpoint duty; Kev, Summa, Jarod, Blaine and Terrance did a great job and the nigth wouldn’t have happened without their help!

final classifcations:

1st Tom/Brad (fixed)
2nd Jono (fixed)
3rd Allen (brakeless bmx)

1st female Miki (fixed)

Best dressed Don

Most Points Harry 520 points for bringing back a mexican (in photo format) and taco seasoning…

Best Photo yet to be decided

Photos from the event located:

and here.
and finally here.

I think Jono (3rd place finisher) documented the night nicely.

“Ok, drunken race report on train home. Carlin won, but didn’t collect any points so didn’t win. Then he went and did the couriers paddys day race. He wins everything. Tom and brad came equal 2nd and gave each other prizes (and protein supplements). Then Tom rode to lapa for a party while brad got denied poontang at the crix. So, with dqs etc I scored 2nd place and already have enough bags so m getting Tom to build me a wheel. And a d00d on a bmx got 3rd. The bmx dudes are mental.
So we all went to the crix and drank heaps and hung out with ppl.
The end. “

With the overwhelming success of the ride, there will definitely be more happening!

See you all next time!

Will Tom Win Again?

March 17, 2010
Meet Tom, he’s not a dentist, so we can show you his face. Tom however is the reigning champ of the Dummycat series of city rides.
He will once again be competing this weekend in the hope of becoming back to back champion!

Do you think you have what it takes to beat him?

If so head to Dummycat Dos: Mexicat this Saturday 7:30pm Hyde Park War Memorial Steps!
Dummycat Dos: Mexicat brought to you be the good people at Hell On Wheels and Crumpler!

Image supplied by Matt Mead

Danny McAskill, one talented mother fucker.

March 10, 2010

regardless of what you think of trails riding, Danny McAskill is one talented mother fucker when it comes to riding up and down shit on one wheel.

Joe Dodd for Leafcycles

March 10, 2010

Drunk Ewoks on the today show

March 8, 2010

Watch until the end it keeps getting better and better!